Terms and Conditions


This ticket is issued subject to the terms and conditions set out below. The passenger, by accepting and using the ticket, confirms that he/she has been given an adequate opportunity to read and understand the terms and conditions and that he/she is aware of all the terms printed in bold.


Tickets are not transferable and are valid for use only by the person to whom it has been issued and for the date and time shown thereon. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that the correct information is shown on the ticket. If a passenger should stop or interrupt or deviate his/her journey, then a separate ticket at the appropriate fare for each individual further journey will be required.


Any alteration to the text or copy of a ticket will render it invalid. Any change requires the issue of a replacement ticket. Changes on tickets booked by a Travel Agent are to be made by the Travel Agent.


A passenger has the right to cancel an advance booking, subject to the imposition of a reasonable cancellation fee, which will not exceed 20% of the price of the ticket. The passenger may request a booking for the next available seat on the same route as the initial ticket ("rebooking"), in which case no cancellation will be levied. Any increase in the cost/price of the ticket will be for the account of the passenger, payable immediately on making the rebooking. Any request for a rebooking must be accompanied by the original ticket. The reservations agency and/or ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES may at their own discretion, levy an administrative fee for a rebooking, which will not exceed 20% of the price of the ticket. Rebookings may be made at ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES offices, the 24-hour Customer Care facility (082 9077 077), or any authorised travel agent.


Passengers are required to be at the departure point 20 minutes before the departure time shown on the ticket. Any seat not filled within 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time, may be offered for sale to standby passengers.


Each passenger is permitted to take free of charge, at own risk, one suitcase not exceeding 80cm x 60cm x 30cm in size, of a total mass not exceeding 20kg. ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE has the right to refuse the carriage of luggage that does not comply with these conditions.

Unaccompanied luggage will not be conveyed.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES is not responsible for loss or damage to passengers' luggage, hand luggage or personal effects.

Passengers should not place valuable items such as cellular phones, jewellery, laptops or other computer equipment, electronic items, cash, credit cards, spectacles, sun glasses and fragile or perishable items in the luggage compartment.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will not allow firearms or any harmful chemicals, explosives, or toxic substances to be carried on to the coaches.

It is the responsibility of passengers to ensure that luggage or personal property is not left on the coaches when disembarking. If luggage or personal property is left on the coaches and not claimed by the owners within a reasonable period of time, ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICEC will use all reasonable efforts to contact the relevant passenger. ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will keep the luggage or personal property in safe storage for a period of 3 (three) months. Thereafter, ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will be entitled to dispose of the luggage or personal property in any matter it deems fit without any liability to the passenger.


ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE does provide passengers insurance. ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES does not provide insurance on passengers' property or luggage. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that he/she is adequately insured.


Smoking is prohibited on all the coaches.


No unaccompanied children under the age of 12 will be conveyed. Proof of identity will be required when the ticket is purchased and on boarding the coach.


Alcohol may not be consumed on ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVIS coaches and intoxicated passengers will not be conveyed. Any intoxicated passenger found on board will be instructed to disembark immediately.


No animals will be conveyed, with the exception of a trained guide dog accompanying a blind person.


ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES accepts no responsibility for passengers who are not in possession of proper and valid travel documents, nor where entry to any country or territory is refused to any person for any reason. No passenger shall have any claim of any nature against ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE or its appointed agents, should he/she be prevented from undertaking, or continuing with any journey as a result thereof.


No standing passengers shall be conveyed. Passengers may not lie or sit in the aisle of the coach. No luggage may be stowed in the aisle of the coach.


ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE cannot be responsible for failure to perform or delays in performance or service delivery due to circumstances beyond ESTASI SUTTLE SERVICES control, such as adverse weather conditions, unpredictable delays caused by traffic congestion, diversions or road works, criminal conduct by third parties, strikes, industrial disputes and regulatory interference ("force majeure" events). ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will not be liable to the passenger for any loss arising from any failure or delay in performance or service delivery resulting from circumstances beyond ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES control.

Similarly, ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will make every reasonable effort to ensure connections between its services and to inform passengers if there are any delays in the connection of its services.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will not be liable to the passenger for any loss arising from any failure or delay in the connection between its services resulting from circumstances beyond ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICES control.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE may, revise seat allocations and operate substitute vehicles of substantially the same standard to those advertised.

Passengers are not permitted to travel on vehicles between depots or other parking places and terminal points.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE may cancel any of its services upon reasonable prior notice to passengers, without any liability.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will give reasonable notice of changes to schedules.

ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will not be bound by any verbal quotation of fares provided to any person. The prices of fares are set out on the website at [www.estasi.co.za] or by calling the 24 hour customer care telephone line at [082 9077 077].


Tickets issued by ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE for travel on vehicles or service to be provided by other operators will be subject to the conditions of carriage of such other operator. Unless ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE acted with gross negligence or fraudulent intent, ESTASI SHUTTLE SERVICE will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by any person or passenger to whom such a ticket has been issued.
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